Crown Mall App Download Get ₹200 Bonus Color Prediction Game

Crown Mall App Download Hello Dear Gamers, This Article is Especially for you, in this article we will talk about Crown Mall App Download Earn Rs.1000 Free Paytm Cash, Then you can load the app from our store, and Install it on your Android and iOS Device. Sounds Really Easy.

Crown Mall App is an online gaming platform where you can play 6 games in a single app, all the games are easy to play and they are Colour and number prediction, Aviator, Lucky Hit, Luxury Car, Andar Bahar, and Soccer Go. The Crown Mall Game Recommendation Code is M39A3X52- a unique code that is assigned to each player.

What is Crown Mall App?

Crown Mall App Is A Prediction Website The Same As Crown Mall App And JoyMalls Earn Money By Predicting Color Red And Green. How To Use And How To Play. There Are Many Games As Well As Many Color Predictions You Can Win Real Money. Crown Mall games app new version 0.6.0 download

Crown Mall App Download


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Crown Mall App Is A Prediction Website The Same As the Daman games app Earn Money By Predicting the Color Red And Green. How To Use And How To Play. There Are Many Games As Well As Many Color Predictions You Can Win Real Money. Crown Mall App new version 0.6.0 download

Crown Mall App Download Details
Crown Mall App Referral Code V3Y7F1661445
Crown Mall App Download DOWNLOAD
Crown Mall App Refer Amount 2 Levels Commission

Crown Mall App Is A Color Prediction Game – You Can Earn Money By Giving Predictions. You Can Earn Money With Adani Mall App Refer And Earn.

How To Register In the Crown Mall App

Crown Mall App
Crown Mall App
  • First of All, Click on the Crown Mall Register Button Given Below:
  • Now Enter your Mobile Number.
  • Create a Good password then confirm the password
  • Enter the Verification Code received on your Mobile Number.
  • Enter Crown Mall Referral Code & Verify Your Number With OTP.
  • Finally, click on Register Button.
  • Successfully Registered in the Crown Mall app.
Disclaimer: We Are Not Pushing Or Giving You To Add Money In the Crown Mall app If You Take a Risk Then You Add Money With Your Own Risk.

How To Login On Crown Mall App

  1. Go To Crown Mall Login Page
  2. 2. Login With your Mobile Number And Password.

Features of the Crown Mall App

  • No cost to download
  • Use is free
  • The top revenue source
  • many easy ways to get money
  • email service
  • Services for quick transactions and withdrawals

Games Available in Crown Mall App

Crown Mall App
Crown Mall App
  1. Win Go
  2. Trx Hash
  3. 5d lotre
  4. K3 Lotre
  5. Slots
  6. Sports Game

How to Add Money on Crown Mall App?

Crown Mall App
Crown Mall App
  1. Add Cash option on the dashboard, Simply tap on them,
  2. Enter or Select the Amount you want to Add Cash.
  3. Complete your payment with different Payment Options.
  4. After that, Cash will add to your Wallet instantly.
  • Deposit ₹100 and get 5% bonus
  • Deposit ₹300 and get 15% bonus
  • Deposit ₹500 and get 20% bonus
  • Deposit ₹1000 and get 20% bonus
  • Recharge your account with ₹3000 and get 25% bonus
  • Recharge your account with ₹5000 and get 30% bonus
  • Recharge your Crown Mall account with ₹10000 and get 30% bonus
  • Recharge your Crown Mall account with ₹20000 and get 30% bonus

How does Crown Mall Game work?

Step 1 – you can choose to play 1 minute, 3, 5, or 10 minutes game. more time the game you select more time you will get to think but more patience is required.
Step 2 – Choose your lucky number or color.
Step 3 – Choose the betting amount & confirm.
Step 4 – If your chosen color or number comes in the result you will earn a bonus of 1.92X for color & 9X for number.

How to make money with Crown Mall App

If you’re looking for a low-risk color prediction game, then the Crown Mall color prediction game is ideal for you. The game offers a simple betting option between red and green, providing a 50% probability of winning. This level of probability is unmatched by other betting systems.

Likewise, in the filename, you can predict a number between 1 and 9. If your prediction is correct, you can earn a cash prize that is 10 times your initial investment. For example, if you select five numbers and invest 500 rupees, and if one of those numbers appears in the results, you will receive 5000 rupees in return.

How do I make money?

First, download the latest version of the Crown Mall App Download to your phone. Then install it and launch it on your smartphone. There you will be asked to register or log in. If you are new, create a new account. Then use the platform you want to play. E.g. Gameplay, spin wheel, etc.

Our first session of the day will start at 11 am

How to Refer & Earn In Crown Mall App

With the help of this fantastic match prediction tool, test your gaming knowledge and abilities and enjoy winning.

  • Log in to the Crown Mall App website or download it.
  • The mine section is displayed in the bottom right corner. Tap on it.
  • Tap the Promotions tab now.
  • Done !! You’ll be able to see your exclusive referral link.

When a friend signs up using your referral link, you will receive a commission. Share the Crown Mall App download link with friends download Crown Mall App.

100% Winning tricks to earn money from Crown Mall App Online

Crown Mall App
Crown Mall App

Color Trend Type 1

  • If Red or Green any one color is repeated again and again.
  • Select the same color which came in the result. For example, If red came in the result, Select Red again. If Green came in the result, Select Green again. You will win.
  • If anytime color repeating stops. means trend changes. follow below Color Trend Type 2.
  • If different colors came in as a result of your selected color. On the Next color selection, invest 3x the amount (use the 3x trick below). Follow this 3x trick until your selected color comes in the result. If at any time you win, You will get a huge profit.

You will win 100% in 2 or 4 times along with Huge Profit.

3. (100% winning) 3X Trick – Always use 3X Trick to earn money from Yas-Mall App. If you win at any time. Your all previous failed results will get covered with Huge profits.

3X Trick = Invest 3 times of previous investment, If the result is not matched with your selected color.

Signup with the above link

?Per Referral. :- 150
?Minimum Recharge:-300
?Minimum Withdrawal:- 130

Is it? Official forecast time? ⏰ is 12:00 AM ⏰ 05:30 PM ⏰ 08:30

??? When your friend trade, you will get a 30% commission.
1️⃣ Level 1: 30%
2️⃣ Level 2: 20%
3️⃣ Level 3: 10%

How to Withdraw Cash From Crown Mall

  1. First Add Your bank details
  2. and select your withdrawal Amount
  3. Click to submit
  4. Money will be credited to your account with In 24 Hours
  5. The minimum Withdrawal Amount is 200

Crown Mall App payment proof.

Crown Mall App
Crown Mall App

Download Crown Mall App to collect evidence After you request a withdrawal using IMPS, Crown Mall App will send you payment in your bank account within an hour. This snapshot shows the withdrawal amount and the receiving amount for Garuda Mall.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Crown Mall App:

Q1: What is Crown Mall App?

A1: Crown Mall App is a platform that offers a color prediction game where users can participate and earn money by predicting the colors accurately.

Q2: How does the color prediction game work?

A2: In the color prediction game, users need to place their bets on either red or green. If their prediction matches the color displayed at the end, they win and earn rewards.

Q3: Is the color prediction game fair?

A3: Yes, the color prediction game on Crown Mall App is designed to be fair and transparent. The results are generated using a random algorithm to ensure fairness for all participants.

Q4: Can I play the color prediction game on Crown Mall App for free?

A4: Yes, Crown Mall App provides an option to play the color prediction game for free. However, there may be limitations on the rewards and benefits compared to paid players.

Q5: How can I withdraw my earnings from Crown Mall App?

A5: To withdraw your earnings, you need to go to the withdrawal section in the app, enter the desired withdrawal amount, and follow the instructions provided. The money will be transferred to your linked bank account.


Crown Mall App offers an exciting color prediction game that provides users with an opportunity to earn money. With its fair gameplay and transparent results, users can enjoy the thrill of predicting colors and have a chance to win rewards.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, Crown Mall App provides an accessible platform to engage in a fun and potentially rewarding activity.

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