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Daily Check in Bonus

By recharging and playing games daily on DamanGames.in, you have the opportunity to earn VIP Daman Rewards of up to Rs. 1 lakh. Many players have already claimed their bonuses by adding cash to their accounts. Additionally, if you invite a user who recharges with Rs. 20,000, you will instantly receive Rs. 1100 in your Daman Games account. You can double your money by playing games such as Win Go, TRX Go, Bin Go, Up Down, and color prediction games.

Vip Daman Games Event Reward

Daman organizes an exciting event every two months that brings together prominent influencers, including gamers, live streamers, YouTubers, and social media marketers associated with Daman Games. Participating in this event gives you the opportunity to win incredible rewards. If you have a substantial audience, you can promote Daman Games and earn a significant amount of cash. Moreover, you stand a chance to win lakhs of rupees worth of pure gold delivered to your doorstep.

Rewards According to Invites

To participate in the exclusive VIP Daman Games events, you need to generate valid invites to users who have recharged at least 3 times with a minimum of Rs. 300. In addition, you must have a minimum of 20 invite members to qualify for India’s greatest gaming event. Below, you will find comprehensive details about the exciting offers and bonuses available to you.

Daman Games App Download

daman games app

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daman games 1st prize reward bmw x1

(Refer 3000 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)

2nd Prize

(Refer 1000 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)

3rd Prize

(Refer 500 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)

4th Prize

(Refer 200 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)

5th Prize

(Refer 150 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)

6th Prize

(Refer 100 People Top Up At Least 3 Times)


• Agents must provide their Telegram numbers to contact customer service and complete the registration process in order to participate in this event.

• The calculation of winners is based on the number of active members that agents can bring within a period of two months, from May 1 to June 30, 2023.

• An active member/downline refers to individuals who have made deposits at least three times and have linked their bank accounts. The data of these members must be unique and should not match with other members in terms of account names, bank account numbers, or IP addresses.

• If the percentage of active members who have made exactly three deposits exceeds 20% of the total, we will conduct a thorough review for an indefinite period.

• Daman Games reserves the right to cancel the prize of any winner if any form of cheating is detected during the process, with an intention to exploit this special event.